Timing is everything.

Oh, it has been said before but I’m reminded again as my daughter’s car is in the shop.

Her car had a timing chain failure.

In case you aren’t familiar with car engines, a timing chain goes between the cam (or cams) and crankshaft.

Ok, stay with me now. The crankshaft moves the pistons which burn the gas and turn the crankshaft and sends power to the wheels so the car goes.

In order to do that, air has to get in the cylinder that the piston travels in. So the cam opens a valve that lets air in.

But in order to get compression, the valve has to close.

Then another valve has to open that lets the remaining gases out of the cylinder and this goes into the exhaust.

That chain makes sure that the cam is doing what it is supposed to be doing while the crankshaft is doing its thing.

If the chain slips or jumps a tooth or fails entirely, well, the timing goes wherever and bad things happen.

Timing is everything.

You can spend thousands of dollars for a high performance engine and if the timing isn’t right it will fly into pieces.

Still with me? Sounds kind of complex to some folks, I know. But I hope I didn’t lose you.

See, all my life I have been building things that flew to pieces. I’ve been trying to live a high performance life with a broken timing chain.

I get my crankshaft turning at red-line speeds and then the shrapnel of my efforts flies all over the place and sometimes people get hurt.

I forget about getting the timing right. I don’t work hard to align my efforts with what God’s part of the equation is and how it affects my life.

There has to be a connection, not just a connection, but a tuned connection between God and his plan and my goals for the day, year or whatever.

Sometimes things are just a little off and my pistons don’t make anything fire, they just push air. Sometimes, I look like I am doing something but I’m not moving at all.

I’ve found that these morning get-togethers with God are like getting things checked out and making sure I am in sync with God, so that something happens when I hit the ignition for the day.

Something besides flying apart.

God is a big part of my life. He is my strength and my salvation. But, I am a big part of it, too. It is vital that these two things work together.

Timing is everything, at least, a big part of everything. It can turn futility into success and success into expensive trash. It is important to get it right.

With that, I’ll end this week on the blog. Have a great “time” this weekend.

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