Over this past weekend, I spent a great deal of time outside with friends, cooking over a fire, eating and, of course, fishing.

I took a little ribbing from the guys at work that it was too cold to go camping.  But I am a stubborn sort and often what I decide, I am not swayed easily by a little less than optimal weather forecast.  Fishing is for every season, even if that season is winter during the spring.

Honestly, the fishing for me wasn’t always fishing.  It was tying flies and tippet on the lines for the boys and making straight lines out of tangles and giving some direction when it was needed.

But, after Saturday morning, the direction was kind of tossed into the trash while the young guys just spent the rest of the day flailing away on their own only needing another fly or more tippet or another strike indicator when they lost the fight with a tree or a boulder in the stream or were just the victims of their own lack of expertise.

When we came in for dinner that night, I could see they were done beating the air with those fly rods and now were ready to catch some fish.

We made a plan to start early the next morning.

The next morning, I could see they were ready to catch fish and they were trying to do better.  I hurried up and got my limit of fish on my stringer so we would have breakfast and began to coach.

By allowing them the whole previous day to try all sorts of things that just did not work, they had accidentally began doing some things that did work.  So, when I told them what to do, they did it nearly perfect.  In fishing, nearly perfect is usually more than good enough.

Soon, fish were on the line and grins were plastered across faces as I was able to congratulate everyone on a job well done.

We gathered up our stringers of rainbow trout and took them back to the campsite.  Everyone seemed to have a great deal of joy in being able to put something on the table.

I honestly believe that fish caught by a boy caught with a grin taste better than trout caught by an old guy like me.

People told us it was told cold to go camping last weekend.  But I got the warm glow of the smiles of young men embarking on their journey into God’s creation and all there is to experience there.  I got the firm handshakes of friends as we parted ways after a weekend of sharing life outside when the rest of the world was waiting for warmer weather.  I got the crisp, cold air in my lungs that somehow makes the brain feel healthier and more aware of the good in the world.

I don’t think it was too cold at all, not one bit.

3 thoughts on “Taking Kids Fishing

  1. This one is a great story to share, the way you teach them how to fish by letting them try everything and make their mistakes doesn’t feel like teaching but inspiring and becoming a leader to them.

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