I’m not going to get all theological or preachy today at all.  I’m going to throw out a little advice.

Have some fun!

The other day, I looked at Oakley’s knees.  He’s my five-year-old grandson that wants to someday be a Ninja warrior, a police cop, a firefighter and owner of a Chik-fil-a.

His knees are bruised and scraped all over.  His shins are more of the same.  I guess training for all those things is hard on legs and knees.

But, that kid has fun.

No, doubt about it he has a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, fun sometimes leaves a few marks.

I remember how easy it used to be to have fun.  I’d get up early in the morning and walk to a fishing hole and plop down in the grass without worrying about ticks or chiggers or getting my butt wet in the dew.

I’d sit out there with a coffee can full of dirt and worms and just have fun.

Now, I have to take along a lawn chair and bug spray and numerous other fun deterrents and it is so much trouble I just tend to avoid having fun.

I also think that with all that is going on, people feel guilty for having fun when there is so much to worry about.  Isn’t that the whole point of fun, though?  Isn’t fun supposed to be where we let go of things we can’t control and trade anxiety for something that makes us happy?

We are so busy avoiding chiggers and poison ivy that we forgot how to have fun.

I know Oakley wouldn’t trade his bruises and scrapes away if it meant losing his fun.

There will always be time to worry and fret about the future.  But when time for fun appears, grab onto it, gather friends and family and put smiles on each other’s faces.


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