The old building I used to work in was torn down last week and we were left with giant piles of rubble.  Mounds of bricks and broken concrete, wire, wood and twisted metal covered the ground where once a building stood.

For the last few days, the rubble has been getting cleaned up.  Truckload after truckload were loaded up and hauled away to the great rubble depository in an unknown place to me.

There is still some building to do at work.  But none of it can get done until the rubble is gone.  The remains of the old building have to go before the new can be finished.

I get really discouraged that I haven’t somehow instantly become the perfect human.  I want to be the new man that God promised.

Well, if I compare the man I am now to the man I was a few years ago, I can see the new guy.  But there is still so much rubble laying around.  It has to go before I can be finished.

So, I sit here writing, removing the rubble.

Rubble removal is pretty tedious and boring sometimes.  I feel like I am just moving rocks around and not accomplishing much.  But, eventually, there is a clear place to begin to build upon and things change dramatically.

Life right now is pretty much pure rubble removal.  But, I have to remember that the rubble is slowly abating to make room for more construction.

I am not doomed to live out my days as a garbage man removing the trash.  I am moving the rubble because of the hope of greater things to come.

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