It is going to have to wait till next week. I seem to have misplace my glasses…somewhere at the bottom of a river…along with my phone.

Monday I will try to give you something to laugh about. Some of it isn’t too funny yet due to the monetary loss I experienced but it should all be hilarious by Monday.

But, I made it home all in one piece and it was definitely an adventure even though I didn’t have to fend off any bears or mountain lions. Me, a kayak and a river are adventure enough.

Today, I am in recovery mode, just trying to hang in there until I can sleep in my wonderful, amazing bed in the incredible, fantastic air conditioning again tonight.

Last night, it was great being home but I need one more night before I am back to normal after two nearly sleepless nights in a row, row, row you boat (sorry, I am rowing in my sleep).

Sorry, but there are no pictures. They were laid to rest with my phone which is currently residing in the depths of the Eleven Point river.

I’ll tell you all about it next week! Have a great weekend.

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