Yesterday, on my grueling two hour…er…two minute commute home, I heard a new song I never heard before on the radio. A lot of times I don’t like new songs because they are, well, new.

But, not knowing the song well enough to do some serious steering wheel concert version of my own where other drivers look at me and wonder if the weird faces I am making are signs of joy or labor pains, I just listened.

Something like “doesn’t matter who you are this world is gonna leave some scars.”

If you have read this blog many times, you know I have my share of scars. Sometimes I feel like I have more scar tissue than anything else.

It’s easy to make myself think I am unique in my “scar-iness” but, in reality, everyone has their share of leftovers from breaks and tears in their lives.

There’s a lot of cosmetic concealment going on, though. People hide their scars. They lie about them. They deny they exist. Sometimes they even condemn others who don’t or can’t disguise scars as well as they can.

But no matter what you cover a scar with, it is still there.

Hiding scars is a lot of work. I used to do that work.

But at the end of the day, when the daily make-up is gone and there are four walls to isolate me from the rest of the world, those scars are there and I pray no one comes around and sees what I really am.

I remember seeing a bunch of pictures of Hollywood celebrities without their make-up. Some of them were no more attractive than the average next door neighbor. Others were just plain ugly, uglier than I am even.

But we would rather see the fake people that shine in their fake reality and pronounce their fake morality to us underlings.

They all have scars, many of them deeper and reveal more damage than we could ever imagine.

No matter who you are, life deals some scars, even if you are making a living off of how pretty you can be made to appear.

So, if you really want to find a new friend, find one with their scars that are out in front of you, one that can be real and true. Don’t bring that person close to you until they lay it all out on the table.

Otherwise, they are just a caricature of themselves with the good distorted and the bad hidden away.

If you are hiding your scars and you are the only one that ever looks into the mirror and sees what they look like, remember, you only see what you think they look like.

It is really a good thing for other scarred and hurt people to see them because they see them without the bias and prejudice you judge yourself by.

Today is Friday. I go to Celebrate Recovery tonight. One of the things we celebrate there is our imperfection. Perfect people are not allowed in. Scars are required.

Sometimes I feel like CR is the scene in Jaws where Captain Quint and Matt Hooper sit and compare scars as the animosity between them melts away and becomes singing.

Today I did one of those rambling things. I didn’t go in the direction I envisioned at all when I began typing. But, that’s okay.

Let’s all get those scars out and let others see the real person we are. Do it a little at a time with a recovery group or some other people that have discovered the freedom of transparency. Learn a new song and sing…loud…even if you suck at it!!!

Thank God for the scars. It is the scars that make us more like Christ, not our perfection.

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