I mentioned before that after a long absence, I am back to the gym working out with the muscle heads. There are a few of you that really sent me some encouragement.  I appreciate that and I’ll try to update you every couple of weeks to let you know how I’m doing.

I have to tell you, at first it was a little scary being back, wondering if I could get started again without injuring myself.

I felt like I had gotten to the point I could injure myself getting out of my chair.  So, it is a little scary to squat, flex, push and pull thousands of pounds thinking a muscle is going to blow apart at any moment.

I started out embarrassingly slow.  I found that the big muscles were still pretty strong but the other muscles that support them had atrophied to the point that even light weights made them cry out in protest after a few reps using light weights.

I’m now at the point of, after experimenting and adjusting my workout routine, that it has actually become a routine.  I can sit down at a machine or grab a dumbbell and know what and how many I have to do.  I’ve dropped sixteen pounds over the last seven weeks.  I wish it was more but I’ve moved a couple notches on the belt so it must be getting me somewhere.

Maybe, the next picture I take of myself in the gym, I’ll be smiling!

That first few times going into the gym were kind of tough.

I’ll be heading back today, knowing what to do.  I’m not going to look like those young guys bending the bars with massive amounts of weight.  But, I will be a lot less likely to get hurt getting out of my chair.

I figure that by spring, I’ll be able to move those wheelbarrows full of mulch without feeling like I am going to die before it is done.

I haven’t read in God’s word that Jesus ran a mile every morning or was a member of Holy Land Fitness but I have heard that I am supposed to be the image of God.

I figure the image of God shouldn’t have a tough time getting off his keester if he doesn’t absolutely have to.

The place I work has a conference room and inside this conference room is the most ginormous, heavy table I have ever seen.  Now and then it has to be moved.  I have to decline to help moving this monstrosity because since my back surgery, the height of this table being awkward to lift and shuffle feet in concert with ten other guys, is very painful and sometimes makes my back throw pain darts into my spine for weeks.

I’m not able to help because I am physically impaired.

So, I am tired of a lot of other not helping because I have chosen to remain impaired in other ways.  I can’t get aggravated because I can’t get as fit as I once was when I was an athlete and just give up.  My goal should be to be in good enough shape to be able to help someone.

And, I think God will smile a little bigger if I get up out of my chair a little more spry and less pained.


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