I used to party a lot…A LOT!!!  Now, if you haven’t partied hard like I did, you may think partiers are lazy.  That is simply not true.

Partiers (partyers?-there seems to be no spelling for this word that looks right) work hard.

First of all there is the need for funds.  Partying isn’t cheap.  Buying a lot of boozed is expensive and when a true party pro gets it going, he has to buy for all kinds of people.  A shortage of funds is tough to overcome during a good night of trying to give partying a whole new level of fun.

So, I had to manage to keep a job.  Somehow, I did, even thought there were a lot of times that I did that job with no sleep and a head that was stuffed with everything except brains.

Funds are even more important when the game gets stepped up beyond booze.  Affording the high prices for illegal party supplies is hard on anyone’s account.

So, when I was a connoisseur of the party life, I worked hard to get a paycheck, I worked hard to stay out late, I worked hard to find party allies, I worked hard to make it home, I worked hard for everything.

When it came to a party, my ambitions were high (as well as my body) and my efforts were never less than my best.

In fact, I think I can honestly say that there is nothing in my whole entire life for a very long time that I did not pour my heart and soul into like I poured every effort, desire and moment into the void of partying.

Hebrews 12:14 Work at living in peace with everyone, and work at living a holy life, for those who are not holy will not see the Lord.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read this scripture or one like it and took a quick look at my life and thought, “Yeah, I pretty much do that.”

Now, seeing the type of person I am, the ability I have to focus and put all my time and energy into the useless pursuit of chasing a life of partying, I can’t understand why I ever looked at the bible and thought pretty much doing something was the way to do it right.

In fact, at this moment, I can’t recall very many times that I have sat down and figured out how to fill my life with living in peace or living a holy life.

Then I wonder where the heck God went when I think I really need him to be there.

I suppose this scripture is referring to seeing God as in we go to heaven and there he is in all his glory and majesty but I think I need to see God right now.

I’m going to tell you a secret.  Until I started really working the twelve steps in a way that put my desire for God into tangible actions to live a life of peace and holiness, I could not see God.

People would talk about God doing this and God doing that and I’d think to myself, “That stuff just randomly happens.”

I sounded like just about every doubter in this world even though I claimed to be a Christian.

But when I started to put that work into changing my life the way I put the work into doing wrong, God was right there in plain sight.

When holiness was not a big deal and I rationalized I was doomed to fail and there was no point in putting in the real work to obey, God was a foreign concept.

When that turned around and I began to dig deep and start working hard, a kind of hard that puts my quest for evil to shame, God was real and his presence was everywhere I looked.

Grace saves me and transforms me but hard work fixes my eyesight.  What I could not see becomes clear and close when I roll up my sleeves, get my hands dirty and work to live in peace and holiness.

This absolutely worked for me.  All those things that just randomly happen have a purpose, God is in every aspect of my life and he is with me always.

I’m no longer just expecting to see him some day when this life is over.  I expect to see him daily, from now into eternity.  There’s so much to throw this work into besides and empty hole that can never be filled.



9 thoughts on “The Work Ethic of Partying

  1. I think that is why our God chose Paul. Paul worked with every fibre of his being to uphold his belief that Christians must be exterminated and our God knew that he would do the same for Him. Paul found grace which gave him faith and went to the desert to learn. Paul offered the Gentile the same grace thru Christ Jesus. We all go thru the desert as we grow in His Word. :))

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