I like recognition.  If my boss walked in the door of my office right now, even if he hadn’t said a word in months, and told me what a great job I was doing, I’d breeze through the next few days like I had the whole company by the tail, swinging it around like I was Superman.

Recognition sure makes me feel good.

But even if I get recognition, after a while it fades away and work becomes the same old same old all over again.

Now, if I cook someone a steak and they say, “Well done”, I might not like that so much because I believe a well done steak is an abomination to good meat.

Most of the time, though, “well done” is a great thing to hear.

Honestly, I don’t think I hear it enough.

Now, I’ve been thinking (a dangerous situation for sure), why don’t I hear it enough?

Here is a big one for me, a revelation that comes careening into my brain crashing into my entire way of thinking.

How often do I tell someone, “Well done!”

I think I did one day last week.  I’m not sure when the time before was.  Have people around me just been doing a really lousy job?

I hate to admit this but I have had far more negative thoughts about the people around me than positive ones.  Maybe I have to do some work here.  The people around me aren’t bad people.  But I criticize far more than I praise.

Why do I hold back the “well dones” and feel free to pile on the “your wrongs”?

I’m pretty sure that if an occasional pat on the back feels good to me, it feels pretty good to other people.  I’m also pretty sure there are a lot of other people out there that deserve to get a little positive feedback.  It shouldn’t be hard for me to dig around and find someone that goes on and on toiling for no reason than it is the right thing to do feeling like there isn’t a soul on earth that notices.

I think I should notice.

So maybe today I won’t dig around for a bible verse  that reinforces these thoughts.  I shouldn’t need to.  But if I were pressed I guess the scripture would have to be the old standard, ‘The Golden Rule’.

I’m going to look around for someone that needs a boost, get them a cup of coffee and tell them they are doing great things.

Doesn’t that sound like a good way to use some time?  It would take about two minutes and maybe improve someone’s whole day.


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