Today’s writing goes in so many directions, you are bound to like one of them.  I hope it makes sense!

I need you when the darkness awaits to meet the dawn.

I need you when I feel I’ll never carry on.

I need you through the morning from the dark into the light.

I need you when the day grows tired and succumbs to the night.

I need you.

When the demons in my mind try to overtake me, when my thoughts forsake me, when sorrow invades every joy and when I cry, when tears cloud my vision and I see no more hope, I need you.

After my strength has been spent, my life seems nothing more than a glimmering, faint hope of recovery, my will to go on is nothing but a tiny bit of sand in a desert of broken dreams, I need you.

When the exhaustion of striving, the pain of failure overcome me and beat me to the ground, when the sight of any good coming from my life has hidden its self away, I need you.

I need you when the sum of every breath of the day is less than the air I need to breathe through the next hour, when the aching in my heart feels as if it is going to wrench me to the cold, hard ground never to rise again, when the earth seems too big for a small soul such as me to survive.

I need you when I laugh, when life is grand and good, when the blessings fall like rain.  When the God I believe in and serve becomes more real than these bones within my flesh, yes, I still am in dire need of you.

I need you through your word as it becomes alive in me, as I offer up a prayer or a thanks or a praise.

I need you in my life, my family, my friendships, my work, my time alone, my time with others, in my church, in the songs I sing, in the things I see and in the sounds I hear.

I need you to inundate and fill me, wash over every part of me, inside an out, and cleanse me and transform me.

I need you to see my needs, those glaring terrors where I fall short and those unseen dangers that I blindly walk into.

I need you.

And you are always there.


8 thoughts on “I Need You

  1. Isn’t it amazing that though God does not need us, He desires to be in relationship with us because of His great love for us as individuals? And He desires us to need Him. We do not have to get ourselves together in order to come to Him. Amazing grace!

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