I’m running late today.  It is fourteen degrees this morning and my truck wouldn’t start.

The batteries aren’t that old.  I don’t believe they are bad.  I didn’t really drive the truck over the weekend so I am trying to figure out why it wouldn’t start.

The first thing I have to do is think of what has changed.  Not much.

But, I did install a new radio a couple of weeks ago.  It is a little more complex than it was when I was a teenager putting in a new 8-track player, amp and Jensen’s in the back window.

There are several power wires.  There are power wires for the subwoofer amp, power to run the radio, power to run remote accessories, power to light up the unit, power to keep the radio from forgetting everything that is programmed into it.

I am nearly 100% positive that one or more of these wires that are only supposed to get power when the truck is turned on, are connected to a wire that gives power all the time.  Add me leaving the truck sitting in the driveway a couple days, the cold weather and the constant drain on the batteries together and what you have is a truck that won’t start.

That radio sure looks good in the dash, though.

Yep, sometimes a small problem that you might not notice for a long time turns into a big problem when you really aren’t in the mood for it, like when I need to get to work.

That’s why I write about a lot of the things I write about.  I’ve had to deal with so many problems in life, it is nice to dig around and find things that are wired wrong before I am stranded in a snow-covered driveway wondering what went wrong.

I’m sure some people feel like I’m nitpicking at times.  But, I’m absolutely certain that I’ve saved myself some pretty serious downtime by finding the issue before it grounds me.

Psalm 139:23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:   24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

I’ve yet to have God sit down next to me and give me an itemized list of what is wired wrong.  I have to sit down next to him, dig into his word and let it search me.

Today, when I get the obligations of the day that have been complicated by my error, I have to sit down in that truck and do some searching, some analysis, some admitting that I did something wrong.  That’s the only way it will ever get fixed.

I want to encourage everyone, pull up a chair, sit down and read through the manual, compare it with the way you are wired, make sure your power source is the way it ought to be and fix something before the impending failure occurs.


21 thoughts on “Wiring Problems

  1. Sorry, amigo. Had the dogs out in the backyard this a.m. and it was 0 degrees with a real feel of — well, never mind. Anyway. My wife and I have a 5 bedroom house and so we provide rooms for AA folks who have been dry for at least a year. One of the guys has a cable he runs from the garage to his car and hooks to a heated oil stick that keeps his oil pan warm. On these rather chilly mornings, his 74 Olds fires right up. Just sayin’. Hope everything rolls your way, Mike. You are definitely in my prayers today.

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  2. “I have to sit down next to him, dig into his word and let it search me.”
    Oh man, do I ever relate to that. Good one Mike!
    I’m spoiled here in the northland. when it is -30 my garage and vehicles are 50 degrees. getting home from work is the kicker. We can plug in at work (frost plug heaters in most vehicles here)

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    1. I have a block heater in my truck and used it. Always do when it is cold enough. It is going to be warmer today so I’ll see what I did wrong with the radio install. Truck started right up today after charging the batteries.

      Don’t have the ability to plug it in at work but we don’t get the temps you do.


  3. Good stuff, Mike. God does provide the answers, just maybe not in an easy to use laundry list. He makes us read, study, pray and think. I am sure that’s not an accident, as we sure draw closer when we do that. If He gave us a list we would just pat ourselves on the back for how well we completed the list anyway. Sharing this tonight at my place. Thanks!

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