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Truth in Palmyra

Doubting Thomas. We have serious doubts about that guy, don’t we? Poor Thomas really gets a bad rap from Christians sometimes. I mean, the resurrected Jesus walks in a room, and Thomas doesn’t even believe that; he demands that he be able to touch the wounds in our Lord’s side before he will believe. That big dummy!

Friends, are we being fair to poor Thomas? I challenge any Christian who has never had doubt about anything in their own Christian walks to step forward and enlighten the rest of us as to what makes them such super Christians. We all doubt, and that is fact. We may not doubt God’s existence, His grace or His salvation; yet, we doubt something. Did you worry today about anything? Boom…you have doubted God. I say we cut Thomas some slack, here.

I do it too; it makes me feel like super Christian to…

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