Stress.  It isn’t exactly what a person wants.  I have never, not one single time, gone to God in prayer and asked for more stress today.  I’ve never told my wife that I want to be stressed out by her.  I’ve yet to ask my kids to stress me out.  I haven’t gone to work, riding in my truck thinking, “I sure hope work is more stressful.”

Nope.  I don’t ask for stress because I don’t like it.

Sometimes I feel like I am pulled in four different directions and at any moment, I’m going to snap because I am at the end of how far I can be stretched.  This tension causes stress.

But, I’m not sure we can survive as a species without stress.  There has to be some outside force that causes us to act.  Without any stress at all, I may not budge from wherever I am to where I should be.

Stress is what makes me go from being hungry to finding something to eat.  Stress is motivating because if I don’t move the stress gets stronger and stronger and I either move or break.  Most people don’t break.

Even me, with the added stress of depression and anxiety, have not completely snapped.  I have gotten into some pretty bad places but the stress of being there caused me to get out.

The secret to living a stress-free life is to just live a stressful life.

That makes no sense because there is no stress free life, no matter what some quack selling a book tries to tell you.

All the people living stress free lives will now type whatever they want in the space below:


Wow, they sure are a quiet bunch.

See, stress shouldn’t be run from.  I tried that and all it did was pull harder and harder on me and pretty soon I came shooting back far beyond center like a stretched out rubber band when someone lets go of it.

Stress is often due to a problem.  It seems really tough to deal with when I have a problem.  But when I run headlong into the bad circumstance and do all I can do about it, the stress is relieved.

Sometimes, I can’t fix a problem and I worry.  Worry, feeds stress and I think it injects the stress with some steroids.

Often, for me anyway, stress comes from not listening to God.  I get stressed because I am going the wrong way, making more strain and tension in my life.  It isn’t going to stop until I turn around and leave my selfish and sinful nature and find myself in the place God is moving me to.

Sure beats the slingshot method of being forcefully snapped back in line.

I’m no expert on stress other than I have dealt with a lot of it and have learned that it is going to be there all the time if I am the least bit mentally healthy.  A person with no stress is pretty near dead.

My truck is out there in the parking lot right now.  It isn’t experiencing much stress.  However, it is sitting there taking up space and isn’t much use to anyone.

If I go out there and turn the key, all sorts of things race through its computer.  It begins to do something.  Parts are moving.  It is slowly beginning to take on a little damage.  But it is ready to work.

When I put it in gear, the brake is fighting the accelerator, fuel is being pushed into the engine, the engine is burning fuel, sparks are flying in the cylinders, gears are meshed and turning in the transmission, lights are coming alive and shining into the dark.

There is stress.  The truck wants to move.  It wants to pull.  It is ready to haul.  Without all those things pulling on the truck at once, nothing really works right.

Stop running from stress.  Run toward it.  Nothing relieves too much stress like closing the gap between myself and what is causing it.  Often that’s all it takes, to turn around and look it in the eye.


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