Oh, so here I am, the holidays are over and I am about ten pounds heavier than I was before.  That’s just a guess-timate but I know the button on my britches is harder to do and I don’t believe it is because my fingers are weaker.

There was a lot of feasting, followed by grazing and then nibbling and afterward, falling asleep.

But I didn’t just eat.  I spent time with family.  In my family, I consider that a good thing.  I know a lot of families that really get stressed when they all get together.

But today, it is back to work.  I don’t put much stock in the whole new year thing but it does affect me in some ways.  At work here, I am spending money on a different year with a fresh budget.  It really doesn’t affect me a lot.  I spend what I have to spend and leave the numbers to other people.

There’s a new incentive at work.  They encourage me monetarily to join a gym.  I haven’t been going to the gym for a few years.  I quit when my rotator cuff tore.  It’s hard to work out with a jacked up shoulder.

So, I have steadily gotten more soft and out of shape.

I guess that means I am going to fight the crowds flocking to the gyms to sign up at one close to work and my house.  Look out, people!  I’m taking this large belly to the gym.

I wouldn’t tell you all but I want to be accountable to someone.  Feel free to ask me how the gym thing is going.  It may be what convinces me to get in there and start a good sweat.

You know, I’ve been avoiding going to the gym and getting all tired and sweaty because, well, I guess sometimes I think it is just unnecessary.  But just yesterday, I was doing some framing to finish my basement and I was all hot and sweaty and huffing and puffing, wondering why something so simple was wearing me out.

Then it hit me.  Working out when it isn’t necessary makes it easier to do what is when the time comes.

I think I’m a lot like that with my faith.  I don’t take it to the gym and give it a good workout and when things get really bleak and tough, it seems so abnormally weak and frail.

Working hard on my relationship with God when I feel I don’t need him makes my relationship stronger when I do.

So, I think I am going to attempt to tie this taking care of my body in with taking care of my spirit.  God knows, they both need some activity to get them into shape.  I shouldn’t feel like I am going to collapse into a pile of Jell-O whenever I swing a hammer or get a little tempted and tried.

I hope this year is off to a good start for you.  If it is, be grateful.  If it isn’t, be grateful anyway.  Maybe you are being whipped into tip-top condition.


10 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Happy New Year!

    Been working out fairly regularly sense high school. What does that prove? I am an expert on getting someone named Tom to the gym. I guess I also need to become an expert on getting Tom into church and into the Bible. Good advice.

    If you do decide to start working out again, focus on the amount of time you spend exercising and the type of exercises. If you do the appropriate exercises for the right amount of time, you will get the results you want. Just takes time and patience.

    If you try too hard and exercise too hard, you will just get sore and you may hurt yourself. So there is no point in rushing the matter.

    Don’t know about what issues you might have with that rotator cuff, but I guess it might be worth a few dollars to hire a personal trainer to help you get started.

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  2. I love the idea of getting fit – physically as well as spiritually. I have about fifty pounds of weight that needs to go away. My doctor is not concerned, but I am. My spirit on the other hand needs to be worked on daily. Thankfully we have each other and God’s Word to help in the process. Happy New Year to you.

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  3. Excellent motivation! I know I get lazy when there’s no friction requiring my action. The verse that says God’s ways are beyond our understanding keeps coming to mind. Can’t seem to wrap my brain around the fact that God has better ideas than I do, which always involve a higher level of trust. May God bless us by increasing our faith, today and in the days to come. Thanks for a great post!

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