I’ve often heard said, “God has never failed me yet.”

I’ve done a little digging to see if that exact phrase is in God’s Word because it troubles me a little.

It didn’t trouble me in the past.  It was easy for me to say, “God hasn’t failed me, yet he might.”

I was a little weak in the faith category and I must confess I still am, although exponentially stronger than I once was.  I was more of a God has kind of failed me, but maybe not, but he still might, I totally doubt him kind of semi-believer.

Oh, I believed that he had done great things.  He probably didn’t do those things for me.  I believed he had sent his son to die for my sins.  And maybe it was enough to cover my sins, maybe not.

But, I doubted he was engaging with me in any sort of personal way.

So, I gave in and I kind of tested God.  There were a lot of times I felt he had failed me.  Maybe you haven’t ever felt that way but I sure have.  I have shook my fist at the sky and mumbled, grumbled, shouted and wept in the aftermath of what surely must be the failings of God.

But as time marched on, purpose emerged from the pain.  Power burst forth out of weakness and faith became immovable bedrock that my relationship with God was built upon.

But still, I uttered the words, “He has never failed me…yet.”

Yet, I may do something so bad, so wrong, so awful, so big that God’s love cannot climb it let alone cover it.

Yet, I must doubt because I am from the Show-Me State where we have to see it to believe it.

Yet, I cannot comprehend that there exists love that is unconditional.

Those three little letters…Y-E-T, they are starting to bug me.  I really feel like it is time to drop them from my faith, from my thoughts, from the words I sing, from the affirmations of faith in God alone.

God’s love has NEVER failed me.

There is no need to place a disclaimer on the end of the sentence.  There is no reason to allow myself a shadow of a doubt.  There is no need to imply conditional love.

His love will never fail me.  His promises will never fail me.  His word will never fail me.  His strength will never fail me.

He will NEVER fail me…period.

Psalm 109:26 Help me, O Lord my God!
Save me because of your unfailing love.

He is unfailing.  He will always be unfailing.  He has always been unfailing.

I need to hang on to this and drop the “yet”.  I need to take that next big step that roots doubts and fears out of my heart and stand up, stand strong and know that no matter how bleak things look, how ugly the future may seem, how tough today may be, God has already not failed.  He has already won the victory.

I do not need to doubt what has already been done.

He will never fail me.  My faith is in the right place.



6 thoughts on “Time to Drop the Yet

  1. I was actually thinking about this concept as my 4 year old grandson just announced that it was “grandpa’s fault” that he didn’t catch any fish last time out. In his eyes I failed him. My son came to the rescue saying “Buddy, you didn’t do anything Grandpa told you to do”. That’s why you didn’t catch any fish! There’s much more to the story but as soon as their tail lights left the driveway (20 minutes ago) I was wondering how much I accuse God of failing me. Then I read this blog, Thanks mike

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