It has been a long week.  I’m tired.  Worry and stress have been my enemies this week.  At times, anger has overflowed.  I’ve cried.  I’ve tossed and turned in my sleep.  I’ve prayed.

See, my little girl (well, she’s a full-grown adult with several years experience at being that way) is sick.  She has Crohn’s disease.  It is a mean thing.  It stole away a lot of days in her teenage years, making her stay at home in pain, stealing the nutrition she needed so much and taking her for hours and hours of doctor visits, infusions and emergency room trips.

Crohn’s likes to give false hope.  Sometimes it hides away for extended periods of time.  Then, when you think that new medication or that new treatment just might be working…BAM!!!

Back to the emergency room.

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Hannah has been in the hospital for over a week now.  My grandson has been staying with us.  He likes staying with us but he wants his mom.  I want his mom, too.  I miss my little girl laughing, talking with so much energy and ignoring my advice.

I’m not sure when she gets to go home.  The doctors say she is doing better.  She says she is doing better.  I’ll believe it when I see her walk out of that hospital and hear her chatter about work, using all that nursing lingo I don’t understand.

I’ve got no real deep thoughts to share today.  I’m just a dad worried about his little girl.  I still see things like it was that day we took that first trip to the emergency room not knowing what was wrong.

So, if you find yourself bored, wondering what to do next, pray for my daughter.  People need her.  She’s suffered enough pain for now.


22 thoughts on “A Long Week

  1. Praying for Hannah’s recovery and for your heart in all of this. I can only imagine how hard it must be to watch your child suffering. Remember that God has plans for both of you, and they are plans for good, not for harm. May He comfort you both and give you both strength.

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