I’ve been doing this kind of writing for several years now.  I’m not sure what you call this kind of writing.  I’ve been on WordPress for a little over a year.  WordPress shows you how many people read your blog.  At its best, this blog is a modest one.  Not very many people read the words I write.  I’d like for more to read but I know this type of thing isn’t for everybody.  In fact, June was the worst month for readership in the history of my labors to write something worthwhile.

I strive to encourage others but it appears that I sometimes am discouraged that no one is interested in my encouragement.

I have to be honest, every year, at least once, I am discouraged to the point that I feel I should start my day some other way, that no one will notice my blog falling into the pit of time wasted trying to do what I could not do.

I feel maybe I can do something more productive, more help to others or more rewarding.

But doing what I do, forces me to look at things in a bigger world than the one that just satisfies me.  It pushes me into God’s world, into God’s word and God’s wonders that bless my life and I live almost as though I am nearly normal.

I’ve spent a lifetime feeling like a broken, malfunctioning outcast trying desperately to fit into something somewhere.  I felt like I couldn’t be what God wanted me to be.  My struggles were concealed and I carried the burden alone, trying to be good enough for God, sometimes giving up and at other times pushing forward by the power of my own will.

It was miserable.

So, even if no one reads these words today, I will continue on, pushing toward hope through the power of Jesus Christ and the promises he has made to me and the grace of his blood over me.

I’m still a bit discouraged.  There’s no shame in that.  The shame comes in giving up doing what is best.  Living with a little discouragement is far better than living in shame.  Discouragement is often the doorway to joy.



28 thoughts on “I’m a Little Discouraged

  1. I relate. Youve helped me, and Im sure others also. Your writing style is encouraging and at times humorous, and I appreciate people who can incoorpoprate that lightheartedness. You actually remind me of my step dad. One of the many reasons I enjoy reading. Even if you only reach one, would you stop? Im sure youve touched more. I know the Lord is in control, and Youre in my prayers. Also, how many followed Jesus? Something to think about. Not being very popular can be a good thing.

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      1. Im not sure what that means either! I agree, and I appreciate your honesty. Not just here, but your general writing style. Ive related to a lot of your articles and they help me examine myself. Thats a good thing.

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  2. I hear you, Mike. June was a dead month for me too. I think readership is cyclical, but I get discouraged from time to time as well. We have to press on though, Our writing isn’t always going to help someone else, but it can be therapeutic for us too. I consider it a sort of journaling with an audience. Even if your words only touch one person, the Holy Spirit is working through you. Keep it up❤️

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  3. Your post brought to mind all the discouraged prophets who spoke God’s words to deaf ears. Keep writing and let your words fall where they may. And remember: It takes fifteen years to become an overnight success.

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  4. “You have 10999 followers.” Wow, impressive news from WP. “5 views today, 3 likes, 0 comments.” Ohhhh, where are the other 10994 followers? Mike, you are one of my “must reads” everyday, not because you’re witty or chocked full of wisdom (which you are) but because you are the real thing. No gimmicks, no BS. I like that! DITTO on your sentiments today.

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  5. “I’ve spent a lifetime feeling like a broken, malfunctioning outcast trying desperately to fit into something somewhere.” ~ Me too! In fact, because of my lifelong experience with being rejected and ignored, I do not check my stats. Ever.

    Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss. 😁

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  6. I know where you’re coming from Mike. There are so many times in the last year and a half that I’ve felt the same way. I can’t tell you how many times I almost gave up on my blog, but every time I feel discouraged and decide, like you said, nobody’s going to miss it if I stop posting, God reminds me that He gave me a mission and that mission is not yet complete. I don’t comment much, because you do such a stellar job saying everything that needs to be said in your posts, but your blog is one of my must-reads every day. I love your down-to-earth style and practical application of God’s Word in your life. Blessings to you!

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  7. Mike, it is okay to get discouraged but take another look. You never really know the impact you have on other people.There was a traveling preacher in Charlotte, North Carolina who was preaching his heart out and he didn’t see the results that he desired. One night a a teenager gave his heart to the Lord. It didn’t seem like much but the teen was Billy Graham who impacted nations and generations for Christ. The one you reach can have more influence than you realize.

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  8. My WordPress time has been interrupted since February, when my husband, quite unexpectedly, had to have a pacemaker, breathing equipment, and an ongoing schedule of medical appointments. Thankfully, he got the help he needed and we are learning to live with changes in our routine and lifestyle. God is good. The guilt I felt when I wasn’t able to read or write at WordPress was not from the Lord. It was me, The good news is that God is with us, on our side, all the time – whatever season we’re in and no matter what trials come our way. (You already know this, so I’m probably saying this to reassure myself!)Your words and your experiences as you walk with the Lord matter (probably to more people than you know.) I’ll look forward to reading more as you feel led to share and as God provides me the moments to read. May you and your family enjoy many abundant blessings!

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  9. Many at times we let things that seems not to be working cloud us from seeing what is working and also sometimes we assume things are not right or working well where as they are actually on the build up. Greatness is a journey and it comes with is challenges… You are doing a great job and it’s going to worth it. Don’t relent, with consistency and determination and quality you will get to your desired destination in no time.

    Best wishes.

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  10. I think we all get discouraged from time to time, no matter how many people read our blog. The trick is just what you have done: figure out exactly what you are writing the blog, and let that be your motivation. If you want to increase your readership, there are always ways to do that: reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, putting a link to your blog on Facebook or other social media, etc. But ultimately, what matters is why we blog in the first place.
    PS: I happen to think your blog is a very good one!

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