Jeremiah was a bullfrog, at least according to Three Dog Night which were experts in the names of certain slimy creatures.  Jeremiah was also a prophet.  I don’t think the two are related but here is a short message I typed about the words of Jeremiah, prophet not frog, from seven years ago.

Jeremiah 2:13 says that we have done two evil things.  One is to prevent ourselves from enjoying Living Waters.  The other is to labor and build faulty cisterns that leak stale and stagnant water.  When I think of myself doing such things I must say that I am at times a very stupid man.

When Scott Wilson read this scripture on Sunday it spoke directly to me.  When I found God, it was evident I needed Him in my life.  So once I had a taste of what He could do for me, I set about trying to do everything I could to make myself Godly.  I was a cracked vessel trying to hold onto whatever good I could fill myself with.  It was a futile effort.  I began to attempt to repair the cracks.  Satan loves it when we do this.  We are so totally distracted from God that we become far from Him by trying to be good enough for Him.  Only by drawing from Him can we keep ourselves full despite being faulty vessels.

The facts are:

1.  We are cracked.  Deal with it.  We can never store up a relationship with God so that we can withstand long droughts without Him.

2.  He is there for us every single day.  We can be renewed daily, hourly or constantly.  If we leak it is a good thing.  Those around us can get wet too.

God is not the guy I go to when I fall down so he can patch me up and then away I go on my own to recklessly careen through life only to return to Him bruised and bleeding in need of repairs.  He is the one I walk with closely that can pull me close when I am off course, catch me when I stumble and teach me to walk without falling on my backside.

Stay close to God, keep the Living Water flowing and spill it everywhere you can.

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