I haven’t checked my phone yet this morning but when I do, there will be a bunch of little icons across the top of the display along with a plus sign and something like “22 more”.  The LED will be flashing.  All this to tell me about my notifications.

If I hadn’t put the thing in “Do Not Disturb” mode for the night, it would have rattled, buzzed, flashed and made numerous weird sound effects letting me know that Facebook and numerous other apps had something important to tell me such as “Willie Bob just changed his profile picture”.

I’ve seen people that feel the need to wake up and get these vital notifications as they come in but to me, I can wait till morning to see Willie Bob’s new profile picture.

Some apps just have too many notifications.  I go into the settings and disable them.  But still, I get lots and lots of notifications on my phone.  My phone doesn’t want me to miss out on important smartphone stuff.

Sometimes, after I go to bed and put my smartphone on the nightstand plugged into the charger, I lay there and think about things that have nothing to do with that phone.

I think about things that happened during the day.  I think about people that have complained, people that have been angry, how someone hurt my feelings, how sad something that happened during the day was.

Sometimes, I lay there and wish I had done something during the day a little bit different.  Sometimes I lay there and wish I had done something a whole lot different.

Far too often, I go to bed and fall asleep thinking about how maybe next time I could have helped that angry person, encouraged that complaining person, comforting the person that went through a tough time, resolving conflict or doing the right thing.

Then the next day goes by with me acknowledging a thousand smartphone notifications and really doing nothing different at all.

Those retrospective thoughts as I lay in bed are notifications.  I’m sure God sent them my way as the events were happening but for some reason I had them silenced or maybe I had put God in “Do Not Disturb” mode.

I do know that God didn’t send his Holy Spirit here just to make me reflect on my day each evening before I close my eyes to the world for another eight hours of snooze time. He sent it to notify me, to call me to action when the action is needed.

I’m going to leave here and go to work before long.  A lot of godly living opportunities come along at that place. People need to be loved.  I really don’t know how to do that all so well.  I need notifying of when to do something and what to do.

God is working in my life all day long, he is taking me into situations where I can serve him by serving others.

Maybe I need an app that tells me, “This is a great time to listen intently to what God is directing you to do.”  But then again, that’s what the Holy Spirit is for.  It is up to me to un-silence what he is saying, to allow his words to light up my life and to resonate through me.

John 10:27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. 

I know that when I listen, I hear a lot of things from God.  I don’t know how to explain how it all works but I know that I’m not special in that way.  Everyone that takes the time to listen hears.  I just need to acknowledge God and his presence when he asks for my attention.

I need to silence my notifications to be angry, fearful and depressed and hear him above it all.


2 thoughts on “The God App

  1. “I know that when I listen, I hear a lot of things from God.” This is so true! Making time to be totally in God’s presence and listening as we visit with Him is such a privilege. Sometimes, my thoughts whirl around and around until I remember God is not the author of confusion and chaos. Being still, being grateful, and watching for the blessings makes us better prepared to share God’s love with the people we come in contact with each day. Such an excellent post and I thank you!

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