I suppose a lot of people don’t believe in Satan. He has been cartoonized and trivialized to the point of becoming just a myth. But this no-good shiftless creature exists and I have proof.

Even as a young child, I wondered about how a being that has been face to face with God and has seen his power could still oppose such a daunting force that he is certain to be defeated by. Satan’s handiwork, though impressive and overwhelming at times, is an exercise in futility.

I’ve cast a few thoughts his way and thought, “What an idiot! He’s going to get it really bad one of these days.”

You are probably wondering where my proof of the existence of Satan is. Well, it is not any big earth-shattering revelation. It is just common sense. In my life, I have emulated Satan far more than I have emulated Christ. I’ve opposed Christ at almost every opportunity thinking that I had some sort of power inside me that could override what he desires and force my will upon him. I’ve puffed myself up with pride and filled my head with lies so that I can carry on my crusade to promote myself and put aside God’s kingdom.

This behavior is a near-perfect reflection of everything that Satan embodies. How can I possibly reflect what does not exist?

Just as Christ can reflect his nature through me, the devil can reflect his dark image.

It is important for me to grasp this clearly because each day I make choices about which image to project. Do I emulate Christ or the old devil?

Ezekiel 28:17 Your heart was filled with pride because of all your beauty. Your wisdom was corrupted by your love of splendor. So I threw you to the ground and exposed you to the curious gaze of kings.

Just as Satan was filled with pride and his wisdom was corrupted, I am in a constant battle against these things. If I pretend the battle isn’t raging, I automatically lose. Of course, Satan is in a lot worse shape these days. Jesus dealt him some pretty severe blows and took away some of his abilities in the taste of what is yet to come but he is still plugging away, trying to make people look more like him than Christ.

I subject myself to pain and anguish when I choose to reflect the image of darkness and the void that is his desires rather than the unending supply of grace God has given me unfettered access to. It sounds like utter foolishness to do such a thing, yet I do it anyway.

Today, God, help me see you only, thirst after you only and make me look much more like you as well.


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