Over the years, there are things I have encountered in God’s word that I haven’t liked. Generally, these kinds of things, I just chose to ignore. I don’t recommend this approach to studying the Bible. Things that I don’t want to think about or consider being obedient to should be what I pay the most attention to. God’s word isn’t just a confirmation that I am a good guy, it is a guide to transformation into a godly man.

Proverbs 20:27 The Lord’s light penetrates the human spirit, exposing every hidden motive.

I’ve not only resisted hearing anything God might be saying to me in this scripture but I’ve done the old “this only applies to that sneaky looking guy over there” philosophy. Of course, I have probably been as sneaky and underhanded as anyone else on this planet, so I don’t see how I can have had the gall to point out another person just like me while I insulated myself from what this scripture has to say to me.

I’ve looked at this as threatening, as being a curse from God that reveals my motives to the world and exposes me and my messed up life. I’m learning that when I read God’s word, that he isn’t trying to scare the bad out of me, he is trying to put his love into action in my life.

His light penetrates the walls I have put up, the barriers I have erected to protect myself, the lies I spew to conceal my weakness from the sight of others and the gods I serve above him. Most of what I hide isn’t from my boss or my church or my family. It is hidden from myself. I sweep my problems under the rug. I blame my actions on others or on circumstances and deny what is really going on in my life.

God’s light lets me see what is causing my problems and see past the situation I am in. That should not scare me. That should not threaten me. That should show me that there is a target for God’s grace and power to hone in on and destroy those things that are weighing me down and holding me back.

I’ve also learned that my secrets lose their power when brought into the light. Once I have allowed my secrets to be exposed, they just become another one of those things in my life. It may not be a source of pride but it is a part of my testimony. Christians can confess to each other, pray and be healed. I can tell you from experience that being healed is a lot easier on a person’s mental state than trying to conceal a boatload of secrecy.

God cares enough to shine his light on the darkest, dirtiest parts of my life and not turn away. He wraps his arms around me, all of me and takes me in. That light that I feared is a great friend to me now. Lurking in the darkness is not what I need. I want to see the motives that lie deep inside me and see what needs to change. Life becomes a challenge that God can help me overcome when accompanied by his wonderful light.


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