Let me tell give you an example of how reading my blog may have been had I started doing it ten years ago:

I don’t like (insert one of a million things here) and someone (not me) needs to change it!  I’m great and you’re not.  The end.

Oh, there would have been lots more words, words describing how I am right and something or someone else is wrong.

It is a frustrating and stressful way to live, always unhappy with something, always feeling that everything needs to be better but only in ways that make me happier.

I was sure I was right and perhaps I was right a lot, though I suspect more often not.  But being right means nothing in the grand scheme of life.  Proving I’m right doesn’t win me a shot at being king for a day nor does it win me a lifetime supply of Nestle’s Quik.

That didn’t stop me from trying to let lots and lots of people know that I was right and the rest of the world was wrong.  All of my words of self-recognition and self-promoting got me a total of a big fat zero.

Proverbs 12:23 The wise don’t make a show of their knowledge, but fools broadcast their foolishness.

I’m reminded of listening to sports shows on the radios where two guys sit and dissect any sports team’s weaknesses and “what if” the situation to death, like they are finding a cure for cancer or stopping war.  They get so focused on a problem with a team that their thoughts become more and more ridiculous.

Of course, if the sports analysts thoughts didn’t border on completely stupid, no one would listen.  I’m convinced that people tune in to hear stupid.

I feel like I’ve broadcast my ridiculous views after I become obsessed with problems and people only tuned in to me to hear what stupid sounds like.  In my efforts to show how brilliant I was, I only ended up broadcasting my foolishness.

I’ve changed a lot since then.  But sometimes, I want people to know how great of a job I have done transitioning from fool to super genius.  But the moment I forget humility, my foolishness starts to take over once again.  Wisdom and humility fit together like a hand in a glove.  Humility is the glove that protects my wisdom.

Humility also reminds me that it is not me that has turned my brain from a selfish lump of arrogant grey matter and into something capable of thinking beyond myself and what I want.  It is God alone.

Each time I make myself a sacrifice, I gain.  Each time I refuse, I lose.

So, that is why my blog is most always about my weakness and how I can live better through God’s wisdom and strength applied liberally to my life.  I’m tired of being life’s class clown broadcasting foolishness to a world that needs to hear better from me.

This is Mike, signing off for now.


10 thoughts on “My Broadcast

  1. Love the humility. We need more of that in our world, for sure.

    But I wonder…

    How do you know you are right (now) about being wrong (before)?

    And isn’t being right actually important? The gloating part… that’s the rub… No?

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    1. Being right is good as long as I am willing to be proven wrong or somewhat misguided. I’ve found very few instances in my lifetime where a little righting of the ship didn’t improve my course.

      I have to be willing to consider that I am not right. I have a tendency to be right and apply that rightness to all sorts of things that may lead me to being extreme.

      I need to be far more concerned with being righteous (not self-righteous) than in winning an argument or setting myself above others because I think better than they do (at least in my own mind).

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      1. Thanx.

        I like your blog too. I like your attitude.

        I juggle a lot of stuff these days. Hard to post as often as I used to or with as much depth. I would like to engage in richer conversation on the one hand, but I even more would like to affect needed changes in my community. I expect there is more complexity there than I am currently juggling (successfully).

        Anyway, if I had more time and focus, I would like to explore more about BEING RIGHT. You cannot go wrong, being right – except if you are right without love (So says St. Paul). And LOVE requires humility. But with that caveat, being right is always right.

        Our culture seems to embrace a Nietzchean sense of “might makes right”. This is a slow cooking disaster that will come back to wallop us as individuals and as a society. Your post certainly is a personal corrective on that, though you never put it in such words. And as far as that goes, I am all with you on it. Good post. Nothing to add, really.

        Except that I live in the tension of right and wrong all the time. I have no need to be right for the sake of being right. But I do need to be right for the sake of justice and peace and so forth. I need to have the humility to accept that sometimes I am wrong, and with it the ability to make necessary changes. Even more, in this complex world (where I am juggling so many other things too) there is no doubt that I am wrong about some things which at present I believe myself to be right. I need to have enough humility to hold that in the tension too.

        It is with these rather abstract ideas in mind that I react to your post thinking that I do not want to throw out the baby with the bath water. There is still a “right”, and it is right to be with it or even part of it. We must not dissolve into an anything goes mentality just because we are humble or have found that we have been wrong sometimes.

        This is the itch, that for me at least, your post left unscratched.

        Maybe no one else itches like that, but I do.

        Anway, with that, I have now spent too much time commenting. I need to run. But I will reiterate, I like your blog too. And this post.

        God bless you…


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      2. Excellent pointsand I agree with you. My problem isn’t so much just being right, it is desiring to be right so badly that I twist truth to make myself look infallible.

        My wife says she can tell when my depression starts getting worse by the way I make up “facts”. I’m probably not right if I have to fabricate my own reality to support it. Unfortunately, I am not good at doing this on my own. I need the help of God and others to get this part of life right.

        Thanks for the time you took to contribute your well thought out comment!

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