Yesterday was a sunny, low humidity, eighty degree day, the kind of day I’d like to use as a template for all the other days of the year.

But here in good ol’ Missouri (often pronounced Misery), those kind of days are few and far between.  Next week the temps will rise into the nineties and the humidity will hit you in the face like a blast from a furnace.  The heat will chase you wherever you go.

The bad news is that is will get lots worse before it gets better.  The good news is that we now have air-conditioning.  These days, I don’t know how we survived the hot St. Louis summers without it when I was a kid.

This time of year, when the humidity and temperatures climb high enough to make the air outside feel like steam, it inevitably brings storms, violent winds, flashing lightning and crashing thunder.

Recently, a photo of a guy mowing the grass with a tornado in the background made it around the internet.  He had obviously not had to hunker down while a big one ripped and pulled at everything in its path.

Storms here breed some pretty big tornadoes.  In recent years, parts of this state have been permanently changed by the forces of nature that seem to randomly reach from the sky and destroy everything in its path before recoiling and going back to wherever tornadoes hide.

People caught up in one of these can get caught up and tossed around like the rest of the debris that hovers in the air around the swirling vortex.  It is terrifying to think what it must be like.

Yet, I’ve lived like the guy mowing while the tornado swiftly approaches.

I’ve lived recklessly, focused on things that really don’t matter, putting what I want far ahead of what really needs to be done and turned my back on the oncoming danger.

Proverbs 10:25 When the storms of life come, the wicked are whirled away,
but the godly have a lasting foundation.

I’ve placed my desires ahead of God’s, selfishly ignored his plan for my life.  Storms came and I felt helpless because I was being whiled away, torn from my life and tossed about in the debris.  It was horrifying.  Life was out of control and I blamed God for sending a tornado my way.

I hate to admit that I am wicked but when selfishness usurps God’s authority, that is as wicked as it gets.

But through the help of recovery, friends, family and most of all God and his mercy, I have a foundation for my life.  It not only gives me something strong to build my life upon but it gives me refuge in the storm.

Yep, those storms have kept coming and they still scare me from time to time but I don’t ever have to experience the sheer terror of being ripped from the life God has given to me.  They cannot force me to defy the gravity of his grace.  They cannot separate me from him.  He is my refuge in the storm.  I cannot be whirled away.






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