This morning I sit here listening to the rain fall, recalling the lightning and thunder that accompanied it during the night, waking me from time to time.

At this point, I’ve had about enough rain for a while.  It has rained and flooded and flooded some more and the thought of more of that just doesn’t do a lot for my positive outlook on the day.  A couple of weeks ago, the rain got so bad that they had to close Noah’s Ark Daycare.  No, not a bad joke, but a true statement.  Maybe we should change Missouri from the ‘Show-Me State’ to the ‘Better Have a Boat State’ or perhaps the ‘Show-Me Some Higher Ground State’.

I’ve lived my whole life near the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and I know one thing about them, some years they go wherever they want to go.

Again, the thunder is rumbling and the lightning is flashing and the thoughts of “enough” are dancing through my brain.

I suppose I could sit and pray that the rain would stop and the light show would end and the sound of thunder subside.  But after decades of living in a state where weather is anything except predictable, I’ve learned that what falls from the sky tends to work out in the end.

Just because I’ve had enough, doesn’t mean it is enough.  It just means that I am more concerned about what I want than what the planet needs.

I pray quite a bit but I don’t always show reason in my prayers.  I tend to just tell God I’ve had enough of this or enough of that, enough sorrow, enough struggle, enough inconvenience or just enough of other people.  (I can’t help but notice that the more I type ‘enough’, the stranger it appears on the page.)

I tend to pray for God to stop the storm but seldom pray that he equips me to endure it.

I often tell God I’ve had enough but seldom ask him to make me enough.

Philippians 4:13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

If God were to step in and change things when enough was enough, why would this verse ever even need to be written?  No one ever became more by doing less.  I don’t need divine intervention all the time, I need supernatural power.

It is about time for me to get the rain jacket out and head out into the storm.  My mind still thinks that there has been enough rain but apparently God has other plans for this day.  I’ll deal with it as it comes and be even more grateful to see the sun when it shows its face once again.


2 thoughts on “Is Enough Enough?

  1. Great post, Mike. Enough in our mindset is seldom what enough is in God’s eyes. We take and take His blessings but rarely say “okay, God, that is enough blessing for me!” And, how often are we thankful for His blessings … all of them, like life itself, air to breathe, beautiful flowers to appreciate, … well, anyway, I am thankful to God for His blessings and you and your writing are some of them for which I give thanks.

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