Spring is full of all sorts of great things. The fish are biting. The trees are leafing out. The temps are warming from the icebox of winter. Snow is no longer in the forecast. The grass is green…sometimes I’m not so sure about the green grass being all that great.

Not so long ago, the green grass meant it would be time to bust out Frankenmower, the conglomeration of various parts I had scavenged and assembled to resemble a riding lawn mower.

Each year, spring arrivesd and mowing was a chore that lasted hours. It seemed that about the time the back yard was done it was time to mow the front again.

Seat time on Frankenmower wasn’t all bad but sometimes it was just a nuisance. Sometimes the nuisance turned into disaster when parts of the monster of mowing decided to break and money much better spent on fishing or steaks was diverted into buying parts to get the beast working again.

Mowing is one of those things I don’t really enjoy until it is done. Walking in the freshly cut yard and the way the rolling landscape looks when it has been mowed make me feel good. Getting them in that condition is sometimes hard, hot, sticky work full of obstacles and struggles. Even keeping from sliding off the seat is a pain as the mower is chugging and whirring and squeaking along on the side of our hill.

I guess I need to focus more on the end result and not the discomfort and noise or aggravation of having to stop everything to fix another broken part on old Frankenmower. No matter what the struggle to get it done, getting it done is always worth the struggle.

Zechariah 2:10 The Lord says, “Shout and rejoice, O beautiful Jerusalem, for I am coming to live among you.”

God descends into my life like a beautiful spring day after a hard winter. I’m practically giddy with excitement as his light hits the cold recesses of my life and thaws them. But then there is work to do. I used to resent God and wonder why he allowed so much trouble into my life. I tired of doing things and struggling through my breakdowns and wanted to go fishing for things that I thought would benefit me more.

I never took the time to sit down and shut up and see what God was doing in me through all this struggle. I looked at God’s plan as being a test and if I passed I made it into his grace. My focus was on the struggle and not on the results. God’s grace is already in my life. I can’t make it better by working for it. These things that bore me at times and inconvenience me when I would rather be doing something else don’t improve the quality of God’s life or secure me a place in heaven. They improve my life, right here, right now.

When God comes to live in me, he gives me the ability to see how to make my life better. But seeing my life can be better and knowing how to do it doesn’t make it happen. If I never take my place on the seat of Frankenmower, the grass just turns into a wild mess. If I don’t embrace the changes God shows me will make me a better man and begin to do what it takes to change, I’ll still be wild and will never know the peace and joy God desires to bring into my life.

A lot of the time it seems that what God is asking is too hard. The work is too great. I forget that he isn’t giving me a lousy piece of junk like Frankenmower to handle the task. I have all that he is to help me. I’m not limited to what I can do but what he can do through me. When I take that first lap around my goal, each lap after that is smaller. I’m not just spinning my wheels going in the same circle over and over again. When I do what God asks, he does what he promised.

I have to be sure to stop now and then and look at what he has done. When I do, I am amazed. I can plainly see that it is more than I could ever do on my own. But it all starts with stopping the whole routine of wondering how I can accomplish what he asks and getting up and taking the first step.

Zechariah 2:13 “Be silent before the Lord, all humanity, for he is springing into action from his holy dwelling.”

As I crawled out of bed this morning, I wasn’t too excited about what the day was going to bring. It seemed overwhelming and I felt like a broken down old mower. I wondered if I could even get started. But after these moments with God, I feel like I just might get this old engine cranked up and ready to rock. God is springing into action and I am going with him.


One thought on “Frankenmower

  1. I love your statement: “I have to be sure to stop now and then and look at what he has done. When I do, I am amazed. I can plainly see that it is more than I could ever do on my own.” God is always amazing us, as long as we “stop now and then” so that we can see it instead of keeping our head down in our own efforts. Stopping and looking at His handiwork is always refreshing to me. Thanks so much for the post. I can relate to your feeling about mowing … while my husband does that instead of me, I hear that same sentiment around our house and yard each time he goes out to do it. Thanks for the post.


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